Checking driver insurance

UK employers, are your drivers still insured?

During the lockdown period, many UK workers have been furloughed, or working from home and alongside national restrictions, the impact has been a significant fall in the number of people driving for work.

If fact, many people who found themselves in this situation may have looked to cancel car insurance or declare vehicles off the road.

Now, with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine and the UK government planning a way out of the lockdown, businesses can begin preparations for sending drivers back out to work.

Checking drivers are insured for business use, and that their vehicles are taxed and have valid MOT certificates are legally part of the Employer’s responsibilities.

With so many changes to employee’s circumstances, it is important to check they still meet the legal requirements before sending them back out on the road.

Checking documentation should be done in advance, and depending on the number of drivers and vehicles you will need to check, automating this process will save a considerable amount of time.

Our automated driver and vehicle checking software, DriverCare can perform these checks for you, reducing the amount of admin time and paperwork which would otherwise be required.

How can DriverCare help?

  • Easy and simple to setup – as soon as your drivers are loaded into the system, they can begin giving consent to the checks
  • Checks are automated and will run automatically on the expiry date
  • Risk assess your employees, so that higher risk drivers are checked more frequently
  • Employees can upload other documentation for administrators to check, to meet company requirements
  • Document reminders will make sure you don’t miss a document expiry date
  • When combined with MyExpenses, DriverCare can prevent users from submitting mileage claims until validation is complete
  • There is no need for paper documentation to be passed between employees and admin users

To find out more, visit our DriverCare overview.