Sonomatic Case Study

Sonomatic bespoke expense solution case study

Sonomatic are a worldwide organisation whose expertise is ultrasonic design, development and application in the oil and gas sector.

Being such a large company, they needed to find a simple and powerful expenses system to assist them with all of their employee’s expenses.

Sonomatic are committed to providing accurate solutions for their customers and we in turn wanted to provide this for them too.

Challenges they faced

Their previous expenses software was time consuming, prone to errors and could only cope with one claim line and one approver per claim. This meant over 100 invoices were to be printed out each month.

With the rising number of issues, Sonomatic knew they had to quickly change to a more efficient expenses software.

Why they chose us

Sonomatic looked at various options but chose MyExpenses as we ticked all of the right boxes, listened carefully to their needs and offered them full support throughout their project.

They found our staff to be extremely friendly, helpful and have extensive knowledge when advising about our expenses software.

How we helped

We succeeded in helping Sonomatic to improve their expenses software by building a system unique to them.

With a rapid, problem free implementation process, Sonomatic’s experience was extremely positive, as all requirements had been achieved.

  • The number of system errors have been significantly reduced.
  • The new software imports transactions straight into the bank and accounting system, saving them a matter of days each month.
  • Receipts are now attached so they are approved at a faster pace.
  • The detailed reports have enabled Sonomatic to become much more efficient.
  • They found the training manuals to be extremely helpful.

Sonomatic have been overjoyed with the amount of guidance they received throughout the whole process and were grateful for the high level of customer service they received.

Our software improved the overall experience for employees and the company’s finance team, making expense claims and approving expenses simple.

Going forward, we look forward to continue to assist and support Sonomatic with all of their future requirements.