Our net zero carbon pledge

As a business, our focus has always been about bringing true efficiencies in the way that our clients work.

Ranging from our MyExpenses platform and apps to packaging manager, we have been at the forefront of enabling accurate tracking, and therefore reducing, inefficiencies.

With the recent COP26 summit highlighting the work and changes that governments across the world need to make to ensure that we stay within the 1.5°c increase in global temperatures, what is clear is that we cannot just rely on Government alone to make the changes needed, it comes down to all of us.

For this reason, I can announce our plan for Civica to achieve net zero carbon by at least 2040, if not sooner, by cutting the emissions created from the use of our products, our selection of suppliers and by our own business activities.

How are we going to do this? Time will tell, yet at this point the main areas are going to be:

  • Improve our direct energy efficiency and therefore reduce CO2e output
  • Choosing suppliers who have made similar commitments
  • Helping our staff to make choices to reduce travel emissions
  • Get involved in local projects to help offset those emissions that we cannot control

The only way we can start, is to understand what our CO2e output is currently, enabling us to then put a year-by-year plan together, and then measure ourselves against that plan.

Our intention is to show our progress against the plan publicly. We will provide updates as we go, providing some insight into what we find, and how we intend to improve.

It’s going to be an interesting journey.