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Nothing endures but change

From managing the transition to home working due to the pandemic to dealing with fresh customer requirements in the post-COVID age, constant change is now the new normal.

An agile business is an organisation that embraces the agile philosophy and values at its core. Tick.

An agile business is customer-centric. Tick.

An agile business responds quickly and effectively to opportunities and threats found in its internal and external environments. Tick.

By investing in cloud-based services, agile businesses can access a solution that gives them the ability to scale their lines quickly and easily to meet demand. Tick

To better manage this rate of change, we were quick to recognise that our tech stack needs to be reviewed, refreshed, and continually optimised if we’re to remain at the forefront of innovative and forward-thinking expenses management software; MyExpenses.

After all, today’s technical innovations are tomorrow’s technical debt.

By investing in cloud-based services, we maintain our ability to scale our product lines quickly and more easily, to meet future demand.

The switch to JIRA – as one of the best issue and project tracking software available today – will provide a single view for all user stories and will help us generate the much-needed reports for various sprints and associated agile ceremonies.

Given that we’re only a few weeks into the change program, the product and project team are already more easily organising tickets into sprints and releases as they continue to monitor workload and task assignments across the business.

Although the previous issue tracking solution wasn’t broken per se, we’re confident that JIRA has the tools for us to better sketch out the big picture with our global customer base, communicate our development plans with interested parties, and connect the organisational roadmap goals to the team’s everyday tasks.

Teams can roll up their work to bigger goals, track the big picture, get ahead of dependencies, and plan with the team capacity in mind.

Only time will tell if the move to Jira will support our agile approach.

It’s all looking good so far.