Employee timesheet system

MyTime enables you to record and approve accurate records of the time your staff work.

Mobile clock-in

Each employee is assigned a numerical PIN with which they clock in and out, ensuring security with our system. MyTime allows you to clock in as fast as possible, to streamine your business and maximise the time spent working.

Rapid clock out

With our one-tap clock out system you can clock out of work instantly, meaning less time spent waiting at the end of the day. Using multi clock-in mode, only one device is needed to clock everyone on site in and out, so you don’t even need to get your phone out!


MyTime is available any time, anywhere. Whether it be through our mobile and tablet app, downloadable on both iOS and android. Additionally you can use a laptop of PC through the web browser.

Automatic upload

MyTime can automatically submits your timesheets at the end of each week, ensuring everyone submits their timesheets on time, saving time and energy.

MyExpenses integration

Within MyTime you can record your mileage travelled, and it will use your MyExpenses data for reimbursement. You can also record overnight or daily allowances when entering time for time saving claim recording.

Minimise time
spent on admin

Never manually record overtime again, we can automatically calculate and add overtime to your payroll software. We also remind your employees when they haven’t submitted their timesheets with automatic email reminders.

Simple time entry

With preset and predetermined activities and activity types based upon your role within the company which are available for easy selection and allow for speedy time entry. Enter either the hours worked or the time that you started and ended a task and we will automatically calculate the time that you spend on a particular task.

We integrate with leading Payroll and HR systems

MyTime works with all systems, providing control and visibility for your business through information integration

Flexible reporting

Trusted by our customers for over 20 years