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Employee Expense Fraud UK

How to cut down employee expense fraud and maximise VAT.

In every organisation, claimants sometimes make errors in their claims, whether intentional fraud or accidental error. Employee expense fraud in UK In the UK, 10% of employees admit to making inaccurate expense claims “all the time”. Whilst a further, 20%

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Corporate Receipt Checking Service

Reduce bottom line losses with receipt validation service

MyExpenses’ receipt validation service takes your expense approval process to another level. The receipt validation process takes place after the appropriate managers have approved claims, but before sending to the finance team. Our dedicated receipt validation team review the receipts attached

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See the CO2 emissions in a business trip to London

We are all aware of the importance of CO2 emissions but most of us have no idea where to start. The brand new CarbonCalc feature within MyExpenses instantly empowers you to make positive changes in your business and most importantly, begin

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