GDPR Management. Get Compliant, Stay Compliant.

Get GDPR Compliant and Stay Compliant​

iComply ensures that you stay compliant with GDPR regulations by building data policies, data assets and recording all data events within your company.

GDPR is not only the law, but also good practice.

In today’s technological world, keeping personal data secure and instilling trust in your suppliers, customers and employees is essential.

Using iComply helps you to manage your data assets and company policies, so that you can be sure you are up-to-date with your data tasks at all time.

Policy builder tools

Policy Builder

Create and update data policies with single entry updates for any changes, no time-consuming rewrites.

A wide range of templates are included to help you along. We have pre-defined templates to get you up and running in no time.

Select the no nonsense text blocks which relate to your business, this can be by department and company wide.

Don't worry about time-consuming document updates for company changes, change once and all policies will be updated.

Data Assets

An asset register for your data, recording who is responsible, what needs to be done and when.

As with physical assets, data assets need tracking and recording regularly.

The Data Asset Register is the perfect place to record and maintain these records.

Data assets management tools
Admin reminders


Automatic reminders for data activities for all responsible employees, ensuring that policies are being maintained.

You can enforce your company data policies by issuing reminders of data events to the related departments.

Reminders create tickets with tasks which must completed by staff.

Data events include personal information deletion, sales and marketing lists, customer and supplier information.


In order to meet the ICO requirements you need to demonstrate that GDPR procedures have been followed.

Logged tickets for data events by department ensure that essential tasks are processed, with every action recorded.

Define tasks to events which are automatically generated with the ticket, then assign each task to an employee or department.

Employees are aware and accountable for their data tasks.

Data audit tool

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