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GlobalSign is an identity services company providing cloud-based, highly scalable PKI solutions.

With many employees making regular expense claims from across the globe, expense claiming was fraught with difficulties, which were identified by the finance team as;

  • A manual process involving excel spreadsheets for each employee expense
  • Claims in different currencies with varying exchange rates
  • Claim checking requirements of each line
  • Time spent checking vehicle documents, such as driving licenses
  • Reconciling company credit cards manually

GlobalSign were in need of a solution which could help them with these issues, and ultimately save them vast amounts of time, and MyExpenses were delighted to help!

We were able to assist in implementing our solution across the company, with several bespoke features, which allows GlobalSign to benefit in the best way possible from MyExpenses. 

Having used the system successfully, they identified the following as the key benefits;


“This has aided us greatly with analysis of spend.”


Having vehicle documents in one place that staff can update themselves has saved us time as this again was a manual process. It has also allowed us to become HMRC compliant.

Company credit cards

Being able to load the file and staff upload their invoices/receipts has been a life saver, this was a mammoth task before MyExpenses.


MyExpenses in general has helped us no end with time, accuracy, compliance and made life much easier for the submitter.

But the best result by far?

“The best results of using MyExpenses is definitely the time factor. When using the manual process, some expenses could be pages long and claims from around the world with different currency transactions/exchange rates. Some expenses had been known to take as long as 4 hours to check!

With MyExpenses, staff simply enter their claims on the go as and when they want to, the claim then goes through the approval flow. Claims that could take us 4 hours now take us more like 4 minutes to process!”

GlobalSign are now successfully making the most of their system, and have highly praised the support and guidance received by the employees here at Point Progress;

“I can honestly say that I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people. The staff at Civica have always been very helpful and the service is the best I have ever received from any company, from the starting of the project/implementation to where we are now.

 Would GlobalSign recommend us?

“I would 100% recommend your product to everyone, the portal is great, the customer service is impeccable and another plus is that you listen to what the customer wants and needs and take the feedback on board. You then adapt the portal to work for individual business needs.”