Expense management software rolled out at local Millers

“The system offers very good value for money – I wish we’d found it years ago.”

Dating back to 1675, Morning Foods has been milling oats and providing oat-based products for direct consumption and further processing into a wide range of products.

The company today looks very different than it did 345 years ago, and Morning Foods now export to over 60 countries worldwide.

As companies grow and change, processes once in place to help manage the business, are no longer suitable for their requirements. Staff expense management is a prime example of this, and the traditional spreadsheet method often creates problems.

“We were using a spreadsheet-based system which was very labour intensive, both from a claimant’s and finance team’s point of view. Checking individual claim lines to receipts and analysing VAT both took a significant amount of time.”

With a growing need for a more time and cost-effective solution to manage their employee expenses, Morning Foods rolled out our MyExpenses software at the beginning of the year.

In just a couple of months, their finance team was able to see the benefits.

“Managers have much more visibility on their team’s spend, the ability to set advisory and hard limits on categories of expenditure has proved valuable and improving the accuracy of the VAT analysis entered by individuals has saved a lot of time. The option to push back one or two lines from the claim without holding the majority of the claim up is a really good feature.”

Our experienced team was able to offer Morning Foods the support they needed to make the transition to online expense management as quick and painless as possible.

“From the initial sales, through the implementation and to the helpdesk, all the staff have been very good to work with and have resolved any queries quickly.”

We are delighted to have been chosen to help Morning Foods with its expense management and receive such positive feedback.

If your business is currently facing similar challenges, please contact us to find out how we can help.