Everybody pulls for David – nobody roots for Goliath

The quote by Will Chamberlain doesn’t quite work for our David. 

David Brown … a stalwart with more than five years of leading our first-class, customer and end-user support function. Catching David for a chat one lunchtime, 30 minutes was all that was needed to run through his best book, best holiday, best album (CD for all the young’uns), best sporting experience, and best film. 

So here goes. 

Best book 

My favourite genre is Sci-Fi/Fantasy and I read Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Niven.  

My favourite author I suppose would be Terry Pratchett.

Currently, I’m reading Raymond E. Feist – the Midkemia books (there are 30 and I’m on the 20th, started in January with the first, Magician, and working steadily through).  

I started reading Fiest back in the 1980s but only recently got the complete ‘set’. 

Best holiday or day trip 

Hard to choose… I used to do a lot of hillwalking and caving and had some very enjoyable experiences from ridge walking in the far Northwest of Scotland, many trips to the Lake District, and caving both in the Mendips and Yorkshire.  

My most notable trip would be to Vancouver. 

It started out as a business trip as I had done some research on using Microwave heating to enhance a particular chemical process and was chosen to present it at an international conference on radiopharmaceuticals but as a reward for getting the MRC cyclotron unit so high up in the rankings I was able to spend a full two weeks in Vancouver. Some beautiful scenery and a lovely beach. 

Best album 

Many to choose from… I like Sting, Phil Collins, Genesis. The electro 80’s is good. 

Best hobby or sporting experience 

A memorable experience is ‘walking on the edge of a cloud’.

In Scotland, we were walking a ridge, as the wind pushed up over from one side the moisture condensed out. One side was clear blue sky, the other clouded over (the ridge was at a couple of thousand feet). 

Best film 

I like the Sci-Fi/Fantasy films. Currently enjoying The Expanse (though I am far ahead in the books).  

Best App 

Having my banking app on my phone is essential… I like to see what is happening!