Easily Integrating MyExpenses With Your Existing Systems

Point Progress have been working for many years with leading providers of accounting software, payroll packages, human resource systems and banking providers to ensure seamless integration of expense claim data.

The ability to import and export data in the required format, is crucial in saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Clients can use an existing interface from one of the many currently available, including:

Sage X3Microsoft Dynnamics
Sage 1000Infor
Unit4 AgressoESR
Practice EngineSunAccounts
Lloyds BankHSBC

If your system is not listed above,  we can develop an interface file during implementation. MyExpenses is designed to be flexible with a fully configurable .CSV or .TXT interface, that quickly uploads the data to all commercial systems.

Our DataXtract tool also allows claim and user information complete with attachments to be downloaded as a WinZip file. This is a particularly useful tool for auditing.

How MyExpenses Integration Works

Do you have many project codes that change regularly? You can extract information from your chosen finance/HR system and import the details into MyExpenses using our inbound interfaces. There is also the ability to import transaction data from credit card or debit card statements. The statement lines are automatically assigned to the claimants for reconciliation.

You can then extract the expense details including expense account codes from MyExpenses. For added security this information can be sent using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

The expense team create the payment batch with all the expenses that are due in to be paid in MyExpenses. Once the batch is submitted, either a CSV file is created that can be saved and imported or the payment batch is ready to be picked up by the automatic process.

The automatic process involves an interface program being installed on to the client side which is configured to automatically collect the expenses that are due for payment and create the expense entries in the finance system. (This is usually in an un-posted journal).

Once the expenses have been created successfully in the finance system the payment batch is marked as paid and the claims are moved to the complete level.

Again clients can use an existing automatic interface or during the implementation an automatic interface can be developed. Fortunately, the team at Point Progress are here to set all of this up for you, and support you at each step to ensure your integrations work seamlessly.

If you would like to find out more, please visit our website, or speak to a member of our team.