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Expense Management tools

What is the MyExpenses Administration Service?

The Point Progress MyExpenses Administration Service has been designed to allow you to concentrate on your core business, while we act on your behalf as an administrator of the MyExpenses system. This Administration Service will include, but is not limited

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Referral offer

£50 M&S Gift Card Referral Offer

Our growing portfolio of solutions are designed to make administrative business tasks less tedious, and who wouldn’t like that? £50 M&S gift card for every successful referral For each organisation you refer to us and who signs up for any

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How to create a strong password
Point Progress

How to Create a Strong Password

We often see in the news reports of hackers stealing personal information by targeting usernames, passwords, and security questions. Extra care must be taken when choosing passwords to ensure that personal data is protected. There are numerous ways that hackers

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Tips for Rolling Out New Software
Point Progress

5 Tips for Releasing New Software

It can be difficult to implement changes across a business, and new software can sometimes be met with reluctance if employees are unsure about how it works or how it will benefit them From a management point of view, it

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Expense Management tools

NEW Incorporating Budgets into Expense Management

Setting a budget for a business is crucial for successful financial planning, but there are several elements to making sure your budget and cost analysis is successful: Create realistic budgets based on the most recent actual figures available Make sure

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