Christmas message from Director

A Message from our MD

As we start to hear the distant jingling of Santa’s sleigh, we can look back on 2020 with mixed feelings.

Will there will be the crunch of snow underfoot on Christmas Day?

There will be many families that have been forever changed by the Covid-19 virus, making it a year that will be indelibly etched into our collective memories.

Added to that, the stop-start nature of 2020 has changed business forever.

Many of us are now comfortably working from home, using ever-improving products such as Zoom and Teams to connect us together.

This has humanised business in a way that can only be for the better.

My favourite is that we each get a small glimpse into each other’s homes, hearing children in the background, or maybe seeing a cat walking across the obligatory bookcase.

It has made our working relationships, whether between teams and managers or customers and suppliers, even more important.

And maybe it has meant that we see those businesses in a different light.

Rather than the faceless corporations that we maybe had become used to, we see the people helping people.

This is an aspect of business that I have always extolled at Point Progress.

Service can sometimes seem like a throw-away term, but it really means our respective teams working closely together.

Getting to know who we are talking to, providing the help that is sometimes needed, and really listening.

This has been a core philosophy of what we, at Point Progress, are all about.

As we close off 2020, I can say with hand on heart how extremely proud of what my team has managed to achieve this year.

They make Point Progress what it is, demonstrating that day-in, day-out to all our wonderful customers.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas festivities, rest awhile, drink a little, and on behalf of everyone at Point Progress I wish you and your families all the best for 2021.