Get the Most Out of MyExpenses

10 tips & tricks to help you get the most out of MyExpenses

Make the most of your staff expense solution

MyExpenses is packed full of features designed to improve your expense management process. Make the most of your staff expense solution, with these handy tips.

1. Download the app

Our MyExpenses app is quick and easy to use, enabling users to create expense claims and managers to approve.

  • Snap pictures of receipts and store in Files & Receipts
  • Use the built in GPS function to record accurate business mileage for claims

For more details about our app, visit our help pages.

2. Email receipts

One of our newest features to MyExpenses, is the ability to email receipts to the system. Claimants can simply forward receipts they receive by email, to their own unique email address. The receipt will then be available in their files & receipts area.

MyExpenses Feature Update – Email Receipts

3. OCR

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and can be used on receipts stored on MyExpenses to quickly find the necessary data to make an expense claim.

OCR Receipt Reading provides a guide on how to do this.

4. Recurring expenses

If you need to make the same expense claim for several dates (eg you are making the same journey every day), and have one receipt to cover all claim lines, there is a multiple date feature on the the claim line entry.

Using the + icon next to where the date is entered, select the dates you need to claim for, fill in the necessary details for one of the claims, and save. MyExpenses will create multiple claim lines (one for each date you have selected).

You can review these claims before submitting.

5. Split category

Split categories are particularly useful where claims are made for hotels, including breakfast, hotel parking etc. A split category claim is made with child lines, allowing you to specify different coding for each line.

Create a Split Category is a step-by-step guide of how to set this category up.

6. Customise categories/coding at any time

As part of the project setup, we will make sure your new system is ready to use, as per your design record. Admin users can then customise categories/coding or any of the settings at any time, to fit the needs of the business as they change.

Our extensive help pages provide guides for administrative changes, or with our admin service, we can do this for you.

7. Approve all button

Sometimes claims can contain many lines, and for the Manager’s convenience, we have provided the ability to Approve All

8. User templates for creating accounts

Creating new users doesn’t need to be done from scratch every time. Templates can be created so that basic settings are the same for each user created from that template.

To do this, create a new user in the User profile settings, and under User Type, select Template.

9. Batch multiple items together for payment

When creating batches for payment at the final stage, there is the ability to include Expenses/Invoices and Timesheets all in one batch for your interface file, saving more time.

10. Reports

Did you know MyExpenses offers extensive reporting tools?

  • There are over 130 standard reports for admins user to provide data from across the entire system. Users and managers also have access to a number of standard reports.
  • Report views allows you to create your own reports with several customisable options
  • Report Manager works closely with Microsoft Excel to provide the user with a streamlined method of sending and receiving data